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When my son was five or six back in the 1970s, we began a thirty year span of listening to the CBS Radio Mystery theater. There was no Internet. There were no microcomputers or cell phones. We would be driving and pick up a station and then try to listen to a re-creation of Old Time Radio which i experience growing up before television was in our lives.

WFLA Radio in Tampa, Florida carried the program at 11:00 p.m. weeknights. This was too late for my boy, so I began recording the programs on Real to Real tape. I used about forty tapes and finally started to record over the earlier ones. The next night I would first read to him from his favorite child books, then between eight and nine oclcok we would listen to the program in his room with the lights turned down. Sometimes both of us would fall asleep. Its was some of the best moments of our lives. I would then after the broadcasct on tape tell him stories when I was young and how we would listen to "Lights Out" and the "Creaking Door" on the radio. By the late 70s I began recording the programs on 8 track tape, but those 8 tracks never last the test of time. We played them over an over in the car when we made long trips to Arkansas to see the grand parents. The real to reals are still usable.

Finally I began recording using cassette, and had about thirty. Then in 1998, we were playing one of our favorites, and the casette sprung. We were both devestated. I went to the Internet to see if I could replace the program only to discover there were collectors and there were 1400 programs. We only had about 75 to 80. Today i have all 1399 or 1400 programs and many with the commercials from radio stations fro Dallas to Chicago to New York. We love listening the newscast and weather in Chicago or New York still today or even the old "Buick" commercials of the 70s.

Today, my son now 36 has an antique shop. He has maby eight to 10 working 1930s consiole radios, plus maybe 100 40's/50's vintage table radios. He even has radios from the 1920s. I his shoop he plys our cds through AM transmission to a couple of the radios. People often say they remember the program in the 70s and we direct them to this web site to link to the collectors.

I am using the shareware Java Applet file: 'Image3dcube.class' to make the below effect. (If your web site will allow this applet). You may download the applet from many sites by using a search engine and entering the file name. Slowly place you cursor over the applet, move it around, control the spin, left or right click on the cube, then click on the resulting picture. A pretty neat java Applet, don't you think?

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